About the Friends of St John

The Friends of St Johns, Tideswell (the Cathedral of the Peak), is a group which has been established to support the maintenance of this historic, grade 1 listed building with in the village of Tideswell. The architecture of this fascinating building and the integration within the village has a significant importance.

Tideswell would not be Tideswell without this unique and historic church. Everyone who lives in Tideswell benefits from this building, whether they worship at the church; get married at the church, attend a local event at the church, get pleasure from passing the unique architecture every day or benefit from the tourists drawn to the village due to the church.

Together we can support the continuation of this fascinating building and this website will start to build up a digital archive of images, documents and interactive web pages to bring the church to you, whether you live in Tideswell or New Zealand.

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The constitution of the Friends of St John, Tideswell.

The ‘Friends’ is established for the restoration, preservation, repair, maintenance, improvement and adornment of the Parish Church of Saint John the Baptist, Tideswell (The Cathedral of the Peak) in the Diocese of Derby (hereinafter called ‘the Church’) and of monuments, fittings, fixtures, stained glass, furniture, ornaments and chattels which belong to the church, in the church and churchyard, for the public benefit. The site has a recorded history approaching a thousand years, the current building approximately six hundred and thirty. Our broader purposes are to afford the general public, and generations to come the opportunity to experience the majesty of St John’s and to allow continued Christian witness there. The Church is Grade 1 listed (since 1967) as “one of the most important of the county's medieval parish churches.

FoSJ will do this by:

  • - Raising funds for the above purposes through membership subscriptions, special donations and occassional events and projects.
  • - Consulting with the Vicar, Wardens and PCC of the Parish of Tideswell about funding needs and priorities.
  • - Fostering the connections between St John's and those living locally and further afield who value its heritage and its accessibility to visitors; by means of newsletters, social media, events and an general meeting of members.