Historic St John

St John's the Baptist is one of the UK's most important churches dating back to 1395 with worship taking place on the site since 11th Century. Discover this Grade 1 Listed building.

How to Help

You can help in so many ways by visiting the village, attending one of the FoSJ events, provide a one off donation or become a member of the charity.

What to do..

Find out what you can do in the church, in Tideswell and the local area. The church is at the heart of the village whether for religious worship or last night of the proms.

What is the aim of the charity?

The Friends of St Johns, Tideswell (the Cathedral of the Peak), is a group which has been established to support the maintenance of this historic, grade 1 listed building with in the village of Tideswell. The architecture of this fascinating building and the integration within the village has a significant importance.

Tideswell would not be Tideswell without this unique and historic church. Everyone who lives in Tideswell benefits from this building, whether they worship at the church; get married at the church, attend a local event at the church, get pleasure from passing the unique architecture every day or benefit from the tourists drawn to the village due to the church.

Together we can support the continuation of this fascinating building and this website will start to build up a digital archive of images, documents and interactive web pages to bring the church to you, whether you live in Tideswell or New Zealand.

Thank you to Pete Roberts for the images of the church using a drone and also to Bernard O'Sullivan photography of Inside Out Photography Inside Out Photography.

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How to become a Friend of St John

1) To become a friend of St John's please register via our Contact Form
2) If you select the type of donation e.g. monthly or annual. We can then send you the instructions to make your donation.

How to help - ad hoc donation

You can visit our Just Giving page to send us a one off donation.

How to help - spread the word

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